Dear colleagues!


We invite you to take part in the work of the International scientific-practical conference Modern problems in plant protection and quarantine, devoted to the 90 years of the birthday of Zhazken Taishikovich Dzhiembaev (1914-1978).

The conference will take place in October 7-9, 2004 in DSE Research Institute for Plant Protection of Scientific-Production Center of Agriculture and Plant Growing, the Ministry of Agriculture RK.

Meetings, besides plenary meeting, will take place according to the following section:

1.      Entomology

2.      Phytopathology

3.      Herbology and Ecotoxicology.

The work languages of the conference: Kazakh, Russian, English

For the participation in the work of the conference it is necessary in the address to the organization Committee to send till August 1, 2004 the papers in volume not more than 5 pages and the application for participation, formed according to Attachments 1-2. The base for the arrival to the conference will be the invitation of the Organization Committee.

The organization fee for the participation in the conference in the sum of 10$ should be transfer to the account number.

Bank requisites:

RNN 09050021197

Account USD 912070312

BIK 190501306, Kbe 16

In Almaty branch OAO Bank TuranAlem, Almaty, Operation Hall N 5

In the payment commission in the column Payment Purpose it is necessary to point out for the participation in the Conference. The copy of payment commission (payment receipt) should be attached to the Application.

In the sum of organization fee the payment for the Programme, the publication of the Collection of reports of the Conference and cultural programme are included.

Travelling, staying (hotel + meals) at the expense of the Conference participants.

The Address of the Institute:

Republic of Kazakhstan

Village Rakhat, Karasai,

Almaty region, 483117

Organization Committee

Tel./fax for information: +(3272)295622, 295609; tel.: +(3272)295618, 295644



Attachment 1

The requirements to the formation of the Materials


1.The materials, not more than 5 pages should be submitted till the August 1, 2004, in 2 copies on the paper of the size A4 and in electronic carrier.

2. The text type-setting should be in the editor Word, type Times New Roman, point (size of type) 12, interline interval 1.5, right 1.0, the rest margins 2.0.

3. The title of the materials capital letters with the leveling in the center. In the new line: surname, name of the author, scientific degree, and the organization, country, via line text of the material.

4. Summary of the paper, published in Kazakh should be given in Russian and English, if in other languages in Kazakh, Russian or English accordingly.

5. Illustrations, not more than 2, are presented in the text and are supplied by all necessary figure or letter designations, explanations that together with subfigure designations should be given under illustrations. The size of the illustration should not be more than 1/8 of the size A4.

6. Table material is presented in the text. The tables should have titles and ordinal number. Maximum quantity of tables 2.

7. Formulas should be type-set by the computer.

8. Abbreviated words (Latin species names, preparations, chemical compounds &.o) at the first mention are presented entirely.

9. In the List of Literature not more than 5 publications may be included, to which the author is referred in the paper. The bibliography should be arranged as it is used.

10. The text is original and is not edited.

11.The authors are responsible for the scientific editing and the authenticity of actual material.

12. Editing board of the Collection of the reports of the Conference has the right to decline the materials that are not corresponded to the requirements of the points 1-10.


The example of material formation


Universal classification: 632.915 (574)

Plant Protection in Kazakhstan:

Problems and Perspectives

Bekbatyrov T.R., Dr. Biol. Sci., Research Institute of Plant Protection, RK



Attachment 2


Registration form for the Participation in the International Scientific-Practical
Conference Modern Problems in Plant Protection and Quarantine
Surname, name ____________________________________________________________

(in full)

Organization _______________________________________________________________

Position ___________________________________________________________________

Scientific degree_____________________________________________________________

Scientific rank

Your participation (with report, without report in the section)_________________________

The title of the Report ________________________________________________________

Office address ______________________________________________________________

No and date of Payment commission for the participation in the Conference ______________


Tel./ Fax _____________________________________________________________

Reserving a place in the Hotel _________________________________________________

(yes, no)